Gurudwara Wedding in Chennai
Gurudwara Wedding in Chennai

Aman & Shanaya – Dreams Come True

A pretty girl woke up from a dream where she saw a handsome man playing drum; and her heart beats coincide with the drum beats. She was clueless about why she had such a dream, who was the one playing the drum but everything came true in her life and the man who played drums was none other than her future sweetheart. It is truly a dream come true for Shanaya when she walked down from the second floor to ground hearing the drum beats of Aman.

Love at first sight was impossible for Aman till he met Shanaya. When asked about Shanaya, Aman started and went on overdrive. she is pretty like a painting. Gods own creation came to me as a gift. Aman, a warm, manly & loveable person determined to hold the hands of Shanaya to begin his new life journey. The sweet parents green signalled their decision and a mini version of Kabhi khushi kabhi gham movie turned into reality in the whole wedding.

It was a Gurudwara Wedding that coincided with the 25th anniversary of Amans parents wedding. The affectionate parents were at the peak of their happiness seeing their son marrying his most complementing life companion thereby making their family complete, by the addition of Shanaya as a daughter. The couple and the family enjoyed each and every moment to its core adding elegance to every capture that we made. Anyone who sees the pictures would certainly agree that they both were destined. meant to be with each other. Here are some wonderful captures.

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