Drone Photography
Drone Photography

Drone wedding photography has become very popular with clients in the recent past. There is a set of people who are not in favour of drones as they disturb the guests, because of the high speed fans blowing their dresses hither and thither while also disturbing the hairstyles of the guests. If these are concerns, the solution would be to use the drones after the main function is over and may be during the group photo session. The drone is mostly preferred because it can reach out to places where the cameraman cannot and they do give you a photo or video from a different, out of the ordinary perspective. As these drones come with perfect image stabilization, they are worth that unique group shot; impressive.

It may be just a shot or two, but the photo from the drone or the helicam as they are also called, is worth its weight in gold.

Nowadays, it is easier to handle a drone, because the software forces you to register with the nearest authority and the pilot knows very well if he is flying within the vicinity of the no fly zone and can be extra careful. And the modern drones will fail to take off, if they are within the no fly zone.

With technology improving by the day, todays drone cameras are capable of capturing photos and videos in full HD and 4K resolution that provide you picture perfect photos and videos of outstanding quality.

As far as photos are concerned, you get a position and angle that you wouldnt be able to achieve with your regular photographer.

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