What is a Moodboard?

It is an online board on which we save our favorite images, in this case, the couples. You may add images and videos that inspire you to your moodboard to express your preferences to the photo, video vendor.

What is it that you love about the photo or video; is it the angle, is it the lighting, is it the way the couple are positioned, is it the ambience? Whatever it may be, it shall be clearly communicated in an attached note, so that the entire photo, video team, (which refers to the production as well as the post production) can understand what is running through your minds.

A moodboard gives the team a clear perspective of your preferences. A discussion or two later may finalize the thoughts, but this is a good way to begin your dream.

Please ensure that you do not clutter it with all and sundry, which will dilute and scatter our focus. Each picture or video has to contain an elaborate description of what you like in it.

Selections from your wedding/reception venue or similar venues are good.

How do I create a moodboard?

It is as simple as creating a Pinterest account and creating a public board called MyWedding Moodboard or similar; and pin your preferences to the newly created moodboard.

Once done, it is a simple sharing of the link to your photo, video vendor and then start your discussions on it.

Make a Shot List

Do you think you need to have certain shots from the wedding? Or the bride walking into the hall? Or a shot of the beautiful bride posing with her grandma? Make a note of these and let your photographer know.

Make a list of all those important people and share it with your best friend so he/she can look over it and make sure all are covered.

Take for example, the important people you need to see and be captured in the wedding video and photos. Make a list of them.

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