Costume Jewellery and Accesories
Costume Jewellery and Accesories

The whole family would probably spend 90% of their time on these, especially the brides family.

Clothes and jewellery for the bride for the different events are a big hassle, just because we are all spoiled for choices. There is so much in the market that it is difficult to focus on the right costume to wear for our best day of the life.

Of this, choosing a costume for the wedding is slightly easier because it is a traditional ceremony and there are only limited options there.

But, for the Sangeet, Reception, the pre-wedding party, get-together, choosing the right garment becomes a tough proposition. A lot of us, do not pay much attention to things other than our likes and dislikes over colours, garment designs etc. If you are smart, then you would take your photographer also into confidence, before finalizing on your costume. Before that, go and meet him/her. Because, they need to see how you are built before they can suggest the right dress for you.

Because, there are certain dresses that do not look good on a plump individual and some others do not look alright on a lean person. Because we like a certain garment, maybe because it was worn by our favourite actress, but we fail to consider if it will suit us. Thus, consultation with a specialist before you choose your garment becomes a mandatory action.

The same can be said with respect to jewellery too. You need to consult with your photographer and the jeweller designer, before you choose a certain jewellery, be it for the wedding or another ceremony.

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