Must have wedding bridal photos
Must have wedding bridal photos

“Yes, your wedding is around the corner. You’ve taken care of every tiny detail and the most important part; you’ve booked your Chennai wedding photographer and everything is good to go. While its true that your wedding photographer would have discussed with you the details of the shoot she/he is planning, it s still important that you think about your shot list to make sure you don t miss an important memory. After all your wedding album is a record of your memories of the day and it better to be prepared with the list of your expectations to ensure that you and your bridal photographer are on the same page. So, here is our list of bridal photos every bride should have.

The Invite

A lot of thought goes into every wedding invitation. So, isn’t it important you get a shot of it? While most wedding photography sessions include a shot of the invitation, why not try something new with it? A shot of just the wedding invitation is common, so you could include one with you holding the card or even have it placed somewhere in the backdrop. The possibilities are limitless, but make sure you include an invitation shot in your bridal photo shoot.

The Attire

Yes, we know this has now become a staple in all bridal photo sessions that most wedding photographers are running out of ideas to shoot the bridal saree or lehenga in unique ways. But that shouldn’t stop you from having a picture of your wedding outfit taken. After all you might have spent money, time and effort on countless fitting sessions to get the right bridal clothes, so why not have a picture of just your clothes taken before you get ready. The upside? Well, if your bridal hair and make-up session is running late, your Chennai bridal photographer can focus on the other important aspects. 

Every bride takes a lot of pleasure selecting every piece of her wedding jewellery. As a bride we know you d be no different. So why not take some great pictures of it to add to your wedding album? It could be a shot of it spread out on your bed, dresser or even you holding it. Get creative and make sure you get some great shots of the important pieces in your bridal jewellery collection.


Every girl loves her shoes and when it s your wedding shoes we can just imagine how much time you might have spent browsing through racks to find the perfect pair. So, before you slip into it ask your wedding bridal photographer to take some great pictures of your pretty pair.

Glam Time
No bridal photoshoot is complete without a picture of you getting your hair and make-up done. Rest assured that these are captured only after you re dolled-up and ready to go. Just make sure you check with your make-artist if they don t mind being in the frame. And also include some great shot of the features you might want to highlight – be it the glam new eye make-up or your hair. 

Mehndi Shot
The bridal mehndi is always elaborate, intricate and worth a capture. While bridal photoshoot includes pictures of your mehndi, talk to your Chennai wedding photographer to give it a quirky fun twist and discuss ideas to get your bridal mehndi captured in unique ways.

Yes, your loved ones will be busy running around getting things done. But you just cannot miss the chance of getting some good photos of your parents and siblings fussing over you. Make sure you have some photos of your quiet moments with your family in your bridal photo session.”

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