Fun Family Photos to Take at Your Wedding
Fun Family Photos to Take at Your Wedding

Nowadays, everyone is getting creative with their wedding photos. Whether, it s for their pre-wedding photoshoot, the mehndi ceremony photoshoot, sangeet photoshoot or even the photos of the big day, every couple is open to experimenting with poses and angles for the perfect capture. However, your wedding is more than just you and your soon to be life-partner. Families are an integral part of our weddings and its time for you to bring them into the frame in these fun, quirky ways to add some great memories to your family wedding photos. Yes, you can do some traditional, formal standing wedding portraits with your family, but also look at these fun wedding photo ideas to see if you could try some different poses or use props to get more unique family wedding photos to remember your day with.

Photo Frame
One unique way to capture the whole family in one frame would be to have parents hold a nicely crafted frame on either side and have the rest of the family stand in between to get a unique shot of parents holding a framed family photo.  Remember, there are endless combinations you can try with one photo frame.

The Archway
Make your loves ones form an archway by holding hands. This will give you a fun low angle shot as you both walk under everyone s arms.

The Selfie
Other than your wedding photographer there sure will be friends and family taking selfies at your wedding. Ask your photographer to include some shots of these moments as they will make for some very good candid wedding photos.

Depending on the venue you can use elements to add something extra to your wedding photographs. Its could be a chandelier, huge vases that a lot of wedding banquet halls usually place at strategic points or it could even be the settee or the swimming pool. Having a destination wedding by the beach? Get a lot of fun shots in the sun and at dusk.

There s a nice window at the venue? Get some shots of you and the groom looking out the window at your family or vice versa. A great window shot with people looking out will also look like a framed photo in the backdrop.

Flower Rain
How about walking through a petal rain? Get some of your friends to throw some flowers or petals as you walk to get some beautiful candid wedding photos of your happy expressions and all-round good cheer.

The Double Kiss with Mom and Dad

Why limit the double kiss only to toddlers? Get your mom and dad to kiss each cheek to get a fun, memorable photo to add to your wedding album.

The Hugs

Weddings are an emotional time. Make sure you include a candid picture of a group hug with your mother, sisters and grandmother if possible.

The Mirror

Mirrors make for great props and it offers a great way to get your family into your bridal photo. It could be your reflection in the mirror with your family looking at it or vice versa. But work closely with your wedding photographer to make sure you get the right angle.

Aerial Shot
While aerial shot of the venue is becoming common in wedding photography, why not include one with all your family members? This will not only be a great way to get an extended family into one frame but will also get you some great shots of the wedding venue along with the guests.

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