Q and A with Gaurang Shah
Q and A with Gaurang Shah

Tell us about recent costume trends you find interesting?
For me what is heart-warming is that Saree is becoming a must wardrobe attire. I must also add the love of Indian, Handwoven textiles, in both forms vintage and contemporary is growing amongst the youth and fashionistas across age groups.

On ramp also you witness there is a lot of invention happening in colors, textures and weaving style. Indian textiles have evolved over the years and today it is on the centre stage of every fashion ramp.

We love the experiments on the ramp and off the ramp. As Indian Textile ambassadors we have introduced many different ways of draping a saree on the ramp, and also presented innovative weaving patterns, colors and designs of saree.

Why do you suggest the wedding costume to be tailor made / customized?
Weddings are lifes most beautiful, treasured moments. Weddings are customary, sometimes theme based, so it is ideal that the bride and groom create an aura around them, and that is possible only if you sit down with your designer and brief them on your dream clothing. While sarees are the finest choices for weddings, if one wishes to make a wedding statement then customising outfits is also a fab option.

Customisation oozes confidence in mind, it reflects an individuals fashion sensibilities, and fulfils the want of being talked about wherever they go.

How do you recommend a costume based on the event  types ?
It creates excitement, and makes people something to look forward to. It is an occasion when everyone wants to be at their best, get a second look and have conversation around them. So a costume based event will open a plethora of opportunities to create new clothing ideas and probably give an opportunity to set a trend.

How does the fabric or choosing the right colour shade make a difference in look ?
Clothing is personal. It is ones personality, character and it adds up to the aura of being what you are. The right fabric, customised to the occasion and season is what makes you stand apart. Hence, colors, and the choice of fabric is absolutely vital to own a distinctive appeal.

How do you describe your signature costume style?
I am passionate about sari. Everything comes after that. I have always been finding new ways to experiment how to make sari an obsession. A must fashion piece in every single womans wardrobe.

Will the Lehenga continue its way or will something else take over?
Well, every fashion has a lifetime, but some remain eternal like the saree. It is innovation that sustains fashion. If one has to up the love for lehenga to continue then creativity is the long-term strategy.

Whats the colour of 2020?
Color is subjective. It is defined by seasons, moments and occasions. Bright colors will continue to dominate weddings and special festive occasions. For office and casual moments, lighter, softer colors will make you look better.

Is Kanjivaram still the right mix of traditional & contemporary for Muhurtham?
Yes, it is. It continues to be the darling of not just wedding attire, but also auspicious celebrations.

Any other points that you wish to add?
Stay safe. Stay at home. It is also a time for you to press the Reset button to your wardrobe. Think what you will love to wear once the lockdown is eased and life turns to normal. And, why not experiment in front of the mirror what clothing makes you look gorgeous.

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