Q and A with Ojas Rajani
Q and A with Ojas Rajani

Celebrity make-up, hair & fashion stylist, has styled many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities

Tell us about recent makeup trends you find interesting ?
The recent makeup trends are so realistic and easy to adapt be it the eau naturelle look or the sun kissed look or the dewy skin fresh look as they make every woman feel on top of the world yet look natural and radiant

In a post Covid19 scenario, with more focus on cleanliness & hygiene, what  will be the key impacts in the way a MUA operates and the process involved?
Whether the current virus scene or not a makeup artist always disinfects their tools after and before every use and also should encourage disposable makeup products like a blusher sheet makeup once applied is discarded. Similarly, with highlighters and concealers you get a one time use and throw makeup tools. Also,  I encourage use of disposable masks and gloves after every use and work as a pro doctor would with utmost care and hygiene sensibilities.

What is the most important beauty advice that you can suggest for future brides in this scenario?
For future bride the mantra is exercise, diet, meditate, destress, hydrate, exfoliate and beauty sleep with a lot of confidence and peace is of utmost to everyone with positivity and determination we can move the world

How do you describe your signature look & style?
My signature look is glam yet natural and dewy skin, which is radiant and oozes pure confidence and style. Easy and comfortable hair that speaks volumes and tailored to match each look with the brides persona and comfort in mind. This is my style statement.

Do you usually do a trial makeup session? 
Trials are only done on a paid trial basis as if I start a free trial there will be a queue from India to us to all corners of the world and I truly believe a paid trial is always appreciated as there are no free bees and are often misused.

* Any other points that you wish to add?
Always go with the flow of life and do what your heart says if you like a particular artist or a style go for it dont get confused by what your friends or others think as your heart will always guide you to the best.

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