Q and A with Preethi Fazel
Q and A with Preethi Fazel

To the ones who are interested in big fat Indian Weddings, the name Preethi Fazel should not come up as a big surprise. Preethi has been successfully transforming women into awe-inspiring brides by her lehengas, embellished gowns and mesmerising 22yards since 2013. Her brand Pleatz by Preethi Fazel has rapidly made advances not only in creating wedding dresses, but also maternity wear and gowns for kids.

Preeti, who proudly acclaims her to be a self-taught designer finds her success mantra in fully understanding the clients vision by taking the pain.

Tell us about recent costume trends you find interesting?

Any Pastel shade outfit with a unique neck pattern, layered details and feather fashion for special occasions are into trend now.

Why do you suggest the wedding costume to be tailor made / customized?

A customised wedding outfit brings out the individuality of the bride, her vision towards her dream wedding and mainly the best comfort and fit.

How do you recommend a costume based on the event types?

I suggest the attire according to the wedding style (wedding theme & etc).

Gown – The bride can choose a Gown if she wants to look more modern on her big day. Gowns for reception is a new trend now. It gives out a more elegant look and stylish look.

Lehenga – A bride can choose a Lehenga, If she wants to give a more heavier look in terms of embroidery work details. Lehenga also make the brides look and feel more feminine.

Saree –  A heavy silk saree with an embellished blouse can make this traditional look more classy. Banarasi silk sarees are setting new trends recently.

How does the fabric or choosing the right colour shade makes a difference in look?

Choosing the right fabric helps in the best comfortable flow of the dress on your body. Some fabrics gives a rich and a classy look and some fabrics gives subtle and an elegant look.

Few fabrics blends and drapes well with your body and make you look thinner while few fabrics stick out of your body and gives you a puffy dramatical look. Fabrics & colours can be chosen according to the brides body type and skin tone.Choosing the hues that will work well with your skin tone is also essential. The right colours can make you stand out while the Inappropriate shades can completely wash you out on your big day.

How do you describe your signature costume style?

My signature Gowns / Lehengas / Bridal Blouses stands out with a lot of intricate thread work, pearl embellishments, minute mirror works and artistic details.

Will the Lehenga continue its way or will something else take over?

Lehengas undoubtedly gives the bride a glorious royal look. Most of the brides first preference is to look more ethnically heavier for their reception and lehengas will always be their first choice.

Whats the colour of 2020?

My personal choice of colour for the year 2020 is the lilac shade. I feel this shade is appearing more this year.

Is Kanjivaram still the right mix of traditional & contemporary for Muhurtham?

Yes, Definitely Kanjivaram Sarees looks graceful on any bride. Contrasting borders with a heavily embellished blouse gives a majestic look during the auspicious time of the wedding (Muhurtham).

Any other points that you wish to add?

A wedding outfit budget is always hard to maintain. If you are buying a costly bridal outfit, remember to maintain it well so you can reuse the blouse / dhupatta / skirt as a mix and match for other parties or occasions. A heavily embellished bridal blouse can be worn with a contrast, less heavy saree as a party wear.

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