Wedding Decor and Ambience
Wedding Decor and Ambience

Good venues, bad venues

From the photo, video point of view, there are certain venues which have a natural ambience suitable for photo and video. On the other hand, there are venues that only have a grand hall and nothing else of importance.

Or there could be a regular hall with a thickly wooded grove by the side, which could make a lovely spot for your photo, video shoot. Do take your photo, video man into confidence. With their experience, they can supply you with a lot of knowledge.


Would you enjoy your food without salt? That’s right. you wouldn’t.

Would you like to eat the best meal of your life served or relish it? Well, the difference is you could eat the food but cant enjoy or relish the food without salt.

Decor is the Salt of your meal/wedding, you can still have a wedding without any decoration, but would you enjoy it?

If you don’t enjoy it on that day, how would it look on the photographs?

It is quite an important task to get the right decor.

Just like adding the right amount of salt, Some food has natural salt in it so you might use a bit less, similarly certain venues you would just need to touch up, and certain venues you might need to decorate really well.

The decor has the right ingredients to elevate your photo and video, it is important to focus on the decor to the best of your crew.

Why do people prefer outdoor shoots? Or some exotic shoots, when you can get it done in your backyard or your bedroom. Has it ever rung a bell?

Its because of the ambiance, which gives a nice feel in the photo.

Imagine you are sitting on the brilliant outdoor venue with a beach and a bad wall or a fence is right around the corner and getting in most of the photos.

It is an elaborate topic on its own, for all those who are keen on adding the magical touch to your D-Day, we have launched World of Weddings 2020-2021, a handbook with an elaborate wedding decor section.

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