Planning Your Wedding
Planning Your Wedding

How to choose the right wedding photo, video studio?

A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience for us. And choosing the photo, video team who will be responsible for creating our best memories becomes equally important.

Check their work

The first thing to do is to check the work of the shortlisted studio(s). What is your focus, photo or video? Go through their videos. Go through their photos. Do you like them? Make a short Shortlist those whom you like, may be 2 or 3.

Visit them

Call them up. Speak to them. Ask them your doubts and fix up an appointment. Once you are there, they might show you more of their work, their specialty, their main works and all. See if you are convinced.

Check out their modus operandi

Ask about their deliverables. What are the videos that you will get? What are the photo deliverables? If you need more convincing, ask for references.

Discuss among family

If you visited them as family, discuss among yourselves to find out how many were convinced by their work. List out the positive points and list out the points against. How did they fare?

Do this exercise with all the shortlisted vendors.

Compare prices

Finally, only finally should you come up to the cost comparison. This is not choosing the cheapest, but choose the Best that I can afford.

If you like a studio, but they seem expensive, try to convince them to give you a discount.

Some studios will not reduce prices, but may offer you an additional service for no cost.

Finally, list out the best features and choose your best bet for your covering your wedding.

Hope you find the right one.

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