Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Weddings, especially Indian weddings, are defined in two words, colourful & spirited!

Wedding photography is all about capturing the ambience, the events, the people and most importantly, the bride and the groom.


Yes. It is that simple. So, where is the catch?


Bringing them all together and getting the right capture at the right moment; these are the little secrets.


Secrets?! But, the whole world knows about it!


Of course, we all do. How do we make it happen? It all waters down to the planning, down to the last bit. And improvisation, as the scene unfolds.


We have some of the top class photographers in the industry on our rolls, who will go to any extent to get the right photos from a session. And, these are some of the seasoned professionals, with loads of experience and extreme love for their profession.


You should know the power of love as an emotion and a driving force, as you are getting married in the near future.


Nowadays, with powerful cameras that are attached to smartphones, everybody thinks that photography is easy. Capturing a photo may be easy, but capturing a photo is much more than point and shoot.


Photography is the freezing of a moment of importance or a moment that conveys a message, from a certain angle of incidence, from the eyes of the photographer. In the case of weddings, there are the defining moments of the events in the run up to the wedding and little beyond.


But, it is important that the photographer is in the know of the entire schedule.

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