Micro Weddings
Micro Weddings

A micro wedding is a typical wedding, with all its attached baggage, but with a lesser number of guests to grace the occasion. It is usually a gathering of about 100 guests or less. A micro wedding is usually a destination wedding; it could be a chateau atop a hillock, a resort in the midst of a jungle, a retreat by the waterfalls, a five-star resort in a hill station or even a quaint little resort by the overlapping waves of the beach.

Whatever it is, it provides the host the ability to personally attend to each one of their guests, providing them individual attention to make the celebrations one thing to remember all through their lives.

Even though spending less is an option in micro weddings, the tendency is to spend more or at least the budgeted amount on the lesser number of guests. So, it is a better experience for each of the guests, who will also remember this unique experience for a long time to come.

As far as India is concerned, there are more and more of these micro weddings happening, as a result of people wanting to lean towards the concept of destination weddings. People are going to a different city for their weddings. Obviously, one cannot have a 1000 guest destination wedding. So, most of these destination weddings are micro weddings with only about 100 guests who stay and enjoy the wedding celebrations that take place over a couple of days, preferably during weekends.

A micro wedding need not be a small party with a small budget. In fact, some of these wedding parties booking an entire resort for 2, 3 days, it becomes a private property for these many days, providing them the necessary privacy and flexibility and no restrictions to use the entire space for themselves.

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