Best Church Wedding Photographers in Chennai
Best Church Wedding Photographers in Chennai

Mine is a christian wedding. And I want to hire church wedding photographers for my wedding celebrations. So, how do I identify such photographers who can cover the church wedding perfectly? Lets break it down. I want to hire photographers. I want to hire wedding photographers. Not just any wedding, but photographers who are experienced in covering church weddings. The reason we want not just experienced but the best church wedding photographers in Chennai, is because they know the flow of the programme; the sequence of events.  

This is important, because the more the experience, the better the photographer is equipped to cover the event. They know and anticipate the act that will follow a certain performance. For example, there is the mass, the pastors sermon, the arrival of the groom, the arrival of the bride, the wedding ceremony, the act of tying the chain, the exchange of rings; all these happen in a sequence and some of it will happen in a moments notice. And, if the photographer is not alert enough, one may miss out on the momentous moment forever.  

Whether it is your regular photographer, or the candid photographer, there are moments that you would not like to miss out on, such as the bride and groom standing in anticipation of the events to unfold, the church congregation wedding ceremony, covering the guests as they stand together in prayer, the bride and groom in front of altar as the wedding progresses, the smiling groom and the thoughtful bride. These are moments that happen in every other church wedding and the smart photographer does not let these moments pass.  

There is the bride and groom seated and smiling, all the guests at the wedding ceremony, capturing the candid emotions of the guests is fun and fulfilling. Christian wedding  photographers also have the opportunity to capture the couple flower shower, just after the wedding too.   

As the groom says I do, the best wedding photographer at the church, from near or far captures the emotions in his perfect frame. He likes it when groom holding her hand, says I will never let you go. The best church wedding photographer need not always be near his subject; he can be at a distance, but is always on the lookout for the right moment to press the shutter. Like when the bride says [I do]. In the next few moments the groom bends down to kiss the bride is a nice moment to click and capture.   

Then there is this nice wedding cake, waiting to be cut, which is photographed from multiple angles. The celebrations that follow will have many candid moments which can add life to any wedding album captured as they happen, by the best church wedding photographers. Once the wedding celebrations are over, the entire entourage moves over to the hotel for the wedding reception.  

At the reception, the focus of attention is the just married and colourful couple. Not just a couple of happy moments to capture, but a multitude of moments are there for the attentive church wedding photographer to freeze in time. At the reception, invariably, there are performances by the friends, relatives and all. There is bound to to be a few dances on the floor, by the guests. We have have instances where there were wonderful salsa by an energetic couple. Captured in the right moment and in the right angle, these can be one of the best moments from the celebrations.  

Of course, what is a wedding celebration without the happy family group photos? There are bound to be unlimited shots of the couple with friends and relatives; these ought not to be missed. How about that beautiful shot of the bride with the baby with a thoughtful look. These are the moments that the best church wedding photographers never forget to click.   

The evening ends with a formal photo shoot of the bride and the groom looking their best and smiling away in anticipation of their bright side of life that is waiting for them on the other side. So, that brings us to the end of this wonderful wedding captured by the best church wedding photographers in Chennai. Thank you for your presence.

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