Wedding Photographs We Couldn’t Help but Fall in Love With
Wedding Photographs We Couldn’t Help but Fall in Love With

There are so many east meets west love stories nowadays that they all seem so cliched (from the outside). Believe us, every time we have been asked to document the wedding story for any of these one-of-a-kind weddings, we know that there s so much new to be found in each of them. Yes, of course the couple is different, but that s not all! Every wedding photography project is unique and it is not just the couple that add to the story but the happy smiles or for that matter the happy tears of the family that makes for a delightful wedding movie.

For our team of Chennai wedding photographers each wedding is a new learning experience. And we would definitely say that about the wedding photography journey that we had embarked on with Varsha and Kris. There s a lot that there is to say, and it cannot be said in just a few words. When it is a journey of love and deep understanding and a shared fondness for experimentation, you can imagine what the end result will be! Be it their warmth, laughter or their boisterous conviviality, there is so much that we were privy to during the weddingphotoshoot that we can barely express what a light-hearted, fun ride it was!

They were a happy-go-lucky bunch and it sure can be seen in the most beautiful, memorable and cheery candid wedding photos that we shot. Usually creating candid, natural wedding photographs that capture the true essence of a wedding, can be quite a task. But not with this sunny pair and their lovely group of family and friends. And the best part, well, they were so focused on enjoying every ceremonial ritual that there were so many moments that we could freeze for posterity.

From their quiet loved-up moments of solitude to the tear-jerking reminisces of their journey together that had Kris family tearing-up, their loud, fun, game sessions, or the romantic waltz by the couple, they gave us a million little opportunities to capture their special moments. This was one couple that sure knew how to add rollicking excitement to every celebration and we were happy to follow them around to get those oh-so-unforgettable candid shots.

And no one can deny that the beauty of candid photography is being able to catch someone in the act, while they re blissfully unaware. It adds life to any wedding picture, and this couple and their high-spirited family sure didn t need any cue to live it up! The best part – they were really a very happy group of revellers and we were more than happy to oblige. We sure did capture some of the most beautiful moments on camera. But what added that extra zing to every wedding photograph was the beauty in their togetherness and the way they let their happiness shine through, unmasked and for the whole world to see.

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