Best Wedding Cinematography Chennai
Best Wedding Cinematography Chennai

You want the best things for your wedding, the best wedding decor, the best wedding catering and of course the best wedding cinematography Chennai has to offer. We will tell you how to choose the best of the last thing mentioned; yes, the best in wedding cinematography Chennai.  

So, how do we choose the best wedding cinematography? What are the things to look for? These are some questions that linger in our mind. If we havent done any weddings in our family, then it becomes all the more complicated; where to go, whom to ask, what to ask… these are the lingering questions, which we try to address here.  

There are many, in fact there are hundreds of professionals in the industry who are providing wedding cinematography services in Chennai. There are two types of video coverage that is done for a wedding. One, is the regular videographer that brings in the regular video equipment such as a Panasonic AG-DVX200 or 200 as it is called or a similar camera. These kinds of camera are equipped to record video footage continuously to create a documentary of the happenings in an event such as your wedding.  

And there is another type of coverage called candid wedding cinematography, which covers most of the events as they happen. The only difference is that in candid cinematography, the camera angles, the way the sequences are recorded are all different and give a feeling of fantasy and a feeling of being in with the scene; as natural as it can be.  

What we need is a cinematographer, who blends in with the scene and captures the sequence of events as they happen, with the participants, such as the bride, the groom and the relatives being their natural self. It is the prime objective of the wedding cinematography team to capture candid moments right throughout the wedding. The experience of the wedding cinematographer tells on the footage that is captured. It is not about the quantity of footage that is captured. It is about the quality; the covering of the sequences, the right people to cover in the right time; the smiles, the jokes, the lighter moments, the deep emotions, the sniff, the cry, the tears; it is all about covering and capturing all the subtle emotions that are expressed.  

The best wedding cinematography will have an eye for all these and more. What people like is emotions; and a video that is filled with it, is going to be liked by the viewer, today and in times to come. The power of the wedding video is enhanced as time progresses. A best wedding video is liked and loved even when they are viewed 5, 10 years down the line. And evoke the same kind of emotions, if not more.  

There are a lot of wedding rituals that can be captured in a typical Indian wedding. A telugu wedding is very colourful indeed; with sequences like floral rain on the groom, special couple wedding rituals, like the bride washing the feet of the parents, bride drenching in rice rain, the relations blessing the garland to be used for the wedding and not in the least, the tying of the thali, the knot forever, the happiness in the face relations captured during the thali tying, genuine emotions that will convey a story to all.  

All the candid moments just before the wedding like the grand bride entry under the floral canopy is a sequence that captures the happy smiling face of the bride in full bloom.  

And during the wedding ceremony, there are best wedding cinematography momennts; the groom applying kumkum to the bride for the very first time is an emotion which will not be repeated again. Just imagine all those wedding rituals; which will never be seen again; like the couple finding the treasure inside the decorated pot and most importantly the tying of the thali moment, what an emotional moment to capture.  

And, just after the wedding, the brides happy moments with the relations, the couple getting blessed by the parents and sharing a light moment after the marriage are just a few scenes that pass through our mind.  

And the wedding reception is a colourful event that needs an experienced and best wedding cinematography team for it has a lot of scope for photo and video captures; the grand groom entry on a throne with elephants on the side, the regal bride entry on a lotus throne, or the couple photoshoot at the reception with a top angle shot of the bride, they all capture the imagination of the viewer and are exceptionally covered.  

This is the reason that you need to get the teams that are considered in best wedding cinematography. Chennais top wedding cinematographers are a limited few and are known for their creative genius. One other important thing to note is the deliveries and the deliverable timeline. One should try and book a wedding cinematography company that gives you the best in the shortest time possible. We would all love to be seeing the first release, in the shortest time possible.  

So, in essence, get yourself Chennais best wedding cinematography team, who can also deliver in the shortest possible time.

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