The Bliss of Church Wedding Photography
The Bliss of Church Wedding Photography

Don’t you agree that there is something ethereal about a white wedding? Every time we get a chance to capture one, we are really ecstatic. Maybe its that sense of being in the midst of divinity or the exquisite backdrop and ambience of piety, whatever it is, we love church weddings and some of our finest works have been our church wedding portraits.

When we landed Catherine and Charles wedding photography project, we knew it was going to be distinctly beautiful.  This serene and genteel couple were a joy to capture and throughout their ceremony, they were obliging and exceeding accommodating. When you are in church, you know there is a lot we need to pay attention to, well with the sanctity of the setting combined with the understated, simple and classic ceremonial proceedings, we knew we had to be as inconspicuous as possible. And Catherine and Charles were a joy to follow around, as they understood our cues and let us capture some really beautiful candid wedding photos that they can cherish forever!

And to top it all their family and friends made up a cosy circle, watching with rapt attention as the wedding was solemnised. We got some really great shots that day and a whole lot of them went into their wedding photo album. That s the joy of wedding photography, sometimes you take a whole bunch of shots and when you look at them later it amazes you with all its little surprises, those really precious moments that you never knew you had captured and how the most intimate of emotions can be frozen in frame for posterity.

Every time our Chennai wedding photography team gets a church wedding, we are excited. It s difficult not to be. There s so much that a church wedding offers, from the altar to the exquisitely decorated pews, the ceremonial rituals and most importantly the couple, who add an air of celestial bliss to every frame.

Catherine and Charles, theirs was a beautiful journey of love. and we re really happy we could play a part in helping them freeze their treasured moments for eternity.  

Wedding coming up? Are you looking for a team of wedding photographers and videographers who can capture your joyous occasions? Let us talk.

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