Social Media
Social Media

Gone are the days Earth revolving around the Sun, These days everything revolves around Social Media !
Social Media is great fun if you put it to right use, we have few tips for the couples.

There are multiple platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and it goes on, and normally if you are active in social media you will know how to put it to use but when it comes to your big day you tend to panic. Imagine a photographer who has covered 100s of weddings he/she will still be nervous about the wedding.

The social media can add the zing factor to your weddings, it can be a fun documentary and collection of memories forever. Everything starts with an hashtag, a lot us have hashtags for weddings but its not put to right use. Hashtag might look pretty on your nameboard but the actual worth is when your friends tag it in social media.

You can record from day 1, you can record your shopping, meeting with bridesmaids, discussions with family and friends, trials and what not? Imagine all these captured and hashtagged, with a flip of your finger all these datas are stored in fun i.e Social media for ever.

There are couples who start Instagram/Facebook pages for their wedding and after a while its going dormant, but the hashtag is the more sensible thing to do.

Recently you have the stories in instagram and facebook, again you can save all the stories as highlights, and the moments are stored as memories forever in social media.

 Another great option with your socials are – you can go live for your ceremonies, live streaming is no more in vogue when you get social media, simply find a spot, place your phone and turn the live on.
Social media can also add values right after the wedding, you can create albums, highlights and stores with pictures from your wedding, you can also use the same hashtag for the same.

 If you dream of a fairytale wedding with dream decor, you can use pinterest mood boards for your wedding decoration or makeup or even for your outdoor photoshoot diary. Once you have your set ready, then you simply share with your photographer before the photoshoot, later you can replicate similar shots and they can be posted.

There are quite a lot of apps for you to explore, Tik tok, flickr, youtube and the list keeps adding and its up to you to explore.

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