Outdoor Shoot and Locations
Outdoor Shoot and Locations

In these busiest times, none of us have the time to spare, even when it comes to the wedding. Gone are the days of the laid back approach to conducting a wedding. Imagine those days, when everyone in the family would contribute towards the proper conduct of the wedding, with everyone contributing their tiny bit by way of helping the parents of the bride and the groom.

Now, sometimes even the bride and the groom are landing only a day before the wedding. With many of the couples working abroad, with strict leave limitations, we cannot also blame them.

But, all said and done, the photoshoot cannot be something that can be done hurriedly. To begin with, the couple has to be relaxed and be in the state of peace; not in the Buddha state of peace, but at least not in the state of a_piece_ each, after a long flight and the jet lag still on.

So, even if it means an extra days rest, you need to plan well. One needs to remember that only the photos and videos of the event and the couple are going to stay with them for a lifetime. Sure, the rituals need to be given importance, but an extra hour of planning and discussion will go a long way in getting the right photos and videos for your life term enjoyment and appreciation.

Remember that your outdoor shoot tells a story. The story that you planned months ahead of time, listing and shortlisting the possible places of shoot, the good things and the shortcomings, you did all this. And, one day you finalized a place, date and time for the shoot. Your photographer said an early morning shoot would be fine. He asked you to do the next to impossible. He had the nerve to ask you to wake up at 4am (you need your make-up artist to be in your room that early in the morning), while you are ready with the makeup by 6am for the shoot.

But, at the end of the session, you are going to be glad that the photographer insisted on that early morning shoot. Losing that much needed sleep and skipping that extra drink the previous night is going to do a whole world of good, because you are getting those stunning photographs. Incidentally, that photographer whom you posed for is a winner of a few International awards too.

The secret lies in treating your photographer like a member of your family, at least on these few days in the run up to the wedding. Sometimes, there is a couple photoshoot before the wedding. Or one that is planned after the wedding.

We are referring to the pre or post wedding photo shoot. When you have finalized your photographer, based on your research, evaluation and budgetary limitations, from the next moment onwards, there should not be any doubt in your mind about the photographers capabilities. You have entrusted your photos to him. And that is it.

So, you go there with an open mind, with some preparations on your own. If you are well prepared, the photo shoot would progress wonderfully. And the photographer is going to love working with you.

There are a few things that you as the main participants should do before the shoot. Try and shortlist a few nice interesting and viral poses from the Internet, or maybe get the advice of your choreographer friend for a few interesting poses for you.

The way you walk, the way you smile, the way you run, the way you jump, the way you lean on her, the way she playfully punches you, these are the things that make or break your shoot.

Ok, what else? Remember that even the most tasteless food gets interesting with a sprinkling of salt. Similarly, the photoshoot may be propped up with, well a couple of props. Remember that oversize coolers, that fake moustache and other things. You can try these too. There are smoke bombs available in the market. Maybe your photographer may help you get some. And how about a few helium filled balloons (of course there is a safety aspect to this, beware). Maybe a few colourful balloons may just make your photoshoot that wee bit more colourful.

To sum it up, the photoshoot is an important part of your one in a lifetime experience. This is also a chance for you to get comfortable with the photographer. As he would probably be the one who will be covering your wedding too. And a nice experience in the photoshoot will make you feel great and confident and look forward to the wedding.

So, get yourselves going and get in touch with the photographer and be in touch with him to make your outing an affair to remember.

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