Getting the Best Smiles and Practice Your Gait
Getting the Best Smiles and Practice Your Gait

Getting the best smiles

Look dashing

You need to look dashing and bright on your big day. And your face needs to glow; at least a week before the wedding, go visit your beauty parlour to get all the dirt off and bring that flow on to your face; you can do this at home too, if you are up to the task; get a proper facial and deep cleansing of the skin and may be a citrus peel to tighten the skin.

Perfect shining teeth

Who better than your dentist to ensure shining white teeth? A week before the wedding, you may want to visit your dentist for the perfect white teeth on the day of the wedding. Additionally, he may also check your teeth and give them a onceover to ensure that you do not get a toothache on the day before the wedding. That would not be nice, would it?

Practice your smile

This may sound like a page out of the psychologists textbook. But, like they say, Practice makes perfect. Here is what you should do. Look in front of your mirror and practice a variety of smiles; ones that show your teeth and others where your teeth do not show. Choose the one that looks the best; and maintain it.
Whether you believe it or not, a smile is contagious. But, it is important that you smile not only with your mouth, but also with your eyes. Practice your gait

Your walk says a lot about your personality. It is your wedding now. And, all eyes are going to be on you. Now, that makes it important that you walk right and that people like your stride.

So, you need to define the way you walk. Walk with the right attitude and throw your personality into your walk. We recommend that you practice your walk in front of a mirror, in different styles and come up with your own unique style that looks good for you.

Even if you have a dance entry, the walk is important. You are not going to be dancing all the time.

The general suggestions are do not slouch, keep your spine straight, keep your neck and head straight, wear a bright and winning smile. 

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