How to Get the Best Photos and Posing Well for Your Photos
How to Get the Best Photos and Posing Well for Your Photos

How to get the best photos?

Let us get straight to the point. You will look good in your photos and videos only if you feel good. So, the discussion should be on what to do and what not to do to ensure that you feel alright on the day of your wedding.

This is suitable for both the bride and the groom, mostly.

Collect a few pictures of your favourite celebrities and practice a few poses that you like.  Feel that confidence build in you as you imagine and visualise yourself as that celebrity. Keep practicing these till you know them like the back of your hand and the poses come naturally to you.

You need to be relaxed all through the session(s). As we all know, the maximum flow of oxygen into our lungs makes us relaxed and light. Get your yoga instructor for some advice, or you can follow bellow breathing through the nose, fast and short blowing breath from the alternate nostrils, followed by the regular pranayama breathing. You can do this for 10 to 15 counts, two or three times a day.

This will make sure that you feel fresh and relaxed all through the day.

Every photographer asks you to smile, say cheese or say hay or ahh or whatever. But, the fact remains that however big a smile that we wear, the camera can detect if it is a true smile or not. That is why people tell you that you need to smile with your eyes. What we tell you is that you need to smile from within.
You need to feel thankful to all those who helped you reach the position you are in now, feel thankful and grateful to dad, mom, the friends and the relatives who have come in to bless you guys and if you feel spiritual, rope in the almighty to thank him as well for the wonderful day that it is. You will feel that you are smiling truer now. Try this.

We have seen a lot of make-up results, where the original (before the make-up) looked far better than the made-up face. Do not make that mistake. Choose your make-up artist wisely. An extra dollar or rupee is always okay when it comes to the make-up session. And if you are a natural, then less makeup will look better than an overdone face.

Get advice from your photographer on how to avoid your double chin spoiling the photographs, get your arms to look slimmer than they actually are. This is the reason that we recommend that you meet up with your photographer and discuss your concerns. The photographer needs to see you in person, to suggest and recommend advice for you to follow.

Remember to always keep your spine straight as you stand, walk or sit. This may be difficult to follow to begin with, but it will ensure that you are your confident self whenever the camera focuses on you. Here is a reminder, do not slouch!

Always keep a smile on you, or if you look better laughing, please laugh at the slightest provocation. Do not underestimate the beauty of your smile; the real true smile is always transparent and makes the photograph brighter without the light.

If you practice the breathing that we discussed, or just focus on your breathing, you will feel relaxed. Even though the photographer will keep telling you not to blink, if you practice too hard not to blink, you will probably end up looking as if you are crying. We dont want that to happen, do we?

And finally, sleep sober on the night before the wedding. This is very important as you have a light dinner and hit the sack early to ensure that you look and feel fresh on the day of your wedding. Sleep tight, wake up bright.

Posing well for your photos & videos

There are certain poses which look good for people of a certain build and some which do not. We have a set of standard poses, which are normally used by photographers for couple shoots. You may practice as many of these so that these come natural to you when posing. It is essential that you practice these over and over again to make it look natural when you assume these poses, at the time of the shoot.

You may do well to meet with the photo, video team prior to the shoot in order to discuss the poses.

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