Looking Good on Your BIG Days
Looking Good on Your BIG Days

Well, a lot of people may ask you to focus on your external appearance, but the truth is that you should look good from the inside as well as outside.

You see, the camera does not lie. It can easily see that you are not looking your best. So, be careful.

For the outside, you can put in extra effort to ensure that your smile looks best. Sit in front of the mirror and practice various smiles, with and without the teeth showing. Pick the best two or three and practice, practice, practice. Your smile has to be the best. And, remember to keep smiling all through the wedding event. I will reveal the secret to keep smiling further down this document.

While working on your best looking smile, you may want to visit your dentist to ensure that your teeth are free from blemishes and fit for an advertisement for the best toothpaste in the country.

The dress that you wear has to match with the decor of the venue and the backdrop, the dress of your best half and also suit the lighting that will be used for the decor. The lighting may be changed at the last moment, but the backdrop and your matching dresses have to be decided much in advance. So, pay attention to that.

Choose the best make-up artist that you can afford in town. The makeup artist can make or break your day. Pick from the top 3 or 5 in town. Get an appointment fixed much in advance; most of them are booked a long time ahead of the wedding day. If possible, get a test make up done to ensure that you like their style. More than anything, choose the make-up artist who you get the right vibes from.

Does your hairstyle fit your wedding dress? Choose the right one for the occasion. Mostly, the make-up artists themselves will double as hair stylists, so you should not have any problem over there.

Getting a manicure and pedicure a day or two in advance of the wedding makes sense. Your hairstylist may help you with that too.

Have one drink less than usual. It is much better if you do not have any. Because, you need to have a good nights sleep and wake up feeling your freshest, on the most important day in your life.

Go to bed early and ensure that you have eaten (a light meal is recommended) at least two hours prior to hitting the sack.

Meet your photo, video guy at least a month before your wedding. Discuss your poses with your photographer. Ask him how to make you look slim (if you think you are overweight). Ask him how to pose at an angle that makes you look slimmer than you are. Ask him how to make your eyes larger, how to pose so as to make your neck longer. He may probably advise you to lower your shoulders and lift your chin a wee bit. Practice in front of a full length mirror; then show your poses to the photographer and get his approval. Practice these meticulously till these poses become natural for you.

Discuss on what their plans are for your best day. Ask to know their suggestions for you. They will definitely ask you for dedicated time between each session right from the morning till the celebrations are complete. Please ensure that you provide the needed time for the private photo and video shoot as a couple and also for the singles. Complaining later that you did not get enough photographs is of no use, if you do not give them enough time with the camera sessions.

While in the topic of discussion of the poses, here is a small tip to avoid the double chin showing in your photographs. Just a small adjustment in your posing style can do wonders to ensure that your double chin doesnt show in your photographs. The secret is to try and make your neck seem longer. To do this you need to push your head forward only very slightly as you lift your chin up. Keep trying this pose in front of your mirror till you think you got it right. You can also discuss your concern with your photographer and get his advice.

Visit the wedding venue with the photographer. This is purely optional, where you may find a nice place for the photo session at the venue or nearby.

Right from the time you wake up, smile with your eyes, smile from within, smile with your heart, feel your heart expand, feel your love for your best part, feel love for your family, friends, feel thankful for your guests to have come and graced the occasion and if you are the spiritual kind, feel the love of the all-powerful and feel thankful for the wonderful day.

Think of all the good things that happened from as long as you remember to this day. Think of incidents, small or big, which made you laugh, smile and be happy.

You will immediately feel on the top of the world and looking down on creation (to take a leaf from the Carpenters) and look great on camera.

Prepare well and make it a wonderful day, as you remember it with much nostalgia, for the rest of your lives.

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