Q and A with Samantha Jagan
Q and A with Samantha Jagan

Award winning premier makeup specialist, 2500+ brides and counting

Tell us about recent makeup trends you find interesting ?
Very happy to be in a time where a lot of our clients are happy to stick to their natural skin tone and not as obsessed about fairness as it used to be.

Its also very refreshing that brides are open to experimenting the trends in fashion and also make up. Lately, choosing unique pastels to pop neon colors has been trending and so we have also gone out of the box to create some quirky fun colors with makeup hairstyles.

In a post Covid19 scenario, with more focus on cleanliness & hygiene, what  will be the key impacts in the way a MUA operates and the process involved?
We are facing a pandemic situation that none of us are aware or prepared for. In all honesty, the beauty industry is definitely going to take a big hit considering all our services involve touch and also is considered the least essential.
Having said that it is very important for all of us to re-evaluate the way we work in aspects of health and sanitization.
+ Please check the health and cleanliness of every team member and clients
+ Check which zones they come from. Red Or green
+ Reduce the number of assistants to accompany
+ Mandatory masks and gloves and sanitisation to be frequently done
+ Avoid cash transactions
+ Makeup artists and hairstylists to avoid using fingers directly as much as possible. Use makeup brushes and make sure sterilize and sanitize all the tools, make up brushes,products and kit frequently
+ Considering the present impact of pandemic on makeup artists its going to take a while before things go back to normal which means low revenue. Lockdown is a good time to restructure and start online education for upgrading oneself and teaching others.

What is the most important beauty advice that you can suggest for future brides in this scenario?

The best beauty advice for future brides – most brides complained of lack of time to rest or take care of skin, hair or fitness. Now is the best opportunity to use the time available to take care of oneself.

One of my favorite home remedy is
Skin : Orange peel, yogurt, honey (for brightening, exfoliation)
Take some orange peel and dry them out in the sun. Once dried, grind the peel in a mixer and powder it. Now take a teaspoon of the orange peel powder and mix a teaspoon of curd and honey. Your vitamin C mask is ready.

Hair: Curry leaves, hibiscus leaves, yogurt, honey, egg white, fenugreek (conditioning and hair growth)
Dry the curry leaves and hibiscus leaves in the sun, then grind the dried leaves in a mixer and powder it. Soak the fenugreek overnight, next morning put it in mixer and make paste out of it. Take the ground powder and fenugreek paste, add honey, yogurt & egg white and make it like a paste. Now apply the mask  on your hair and leave it for 20 mins. Rinse off.

How do you describe your signature look & style?
I believe my brides have to look the best version of themselves on their D day. Having said that I also believe its the best day of their life so I get to know their dream vision and also give my expert opinion. My signature is to create a right mix of making her look natural and glamorous in perfect proportion

Do you usually do a trial makeup session?
When a bride books with us, we take them through a detailed discussion on how they could go about prepping for their D day, in regards to skin care, hair care and suggestions on clothes & jewellery that would compliment the make up and hairstyles. Yes I do trial sessions, only if its completely a new look that the bride wants to try  but is very unsure to carry or if there are skin concerns.

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