Q and A with Michelle Montes
Q and A with Michelle Montes

Internationally reputed makeup artist, specializing in photoshoots, wedding makeup. Featured in magazines like Hello!, Marie Claire & Vogue internationally.

Tell us about recent makeup trends you find interesting ?
I am loving the blurred lips trend where even the bright and dark colors are blurred out on the edges. I feel the sharp lip lines make the mouth look harsh and age you.

For the eyes, a fun way to play them up is colored mascara. An easy statement looks with minimal effort.Another trend I am loving is satin skin finishes, matte skin also tends to age you and there is a fine line between glowing skin and greasy skin.

In a post Covid19 scenario, with more focus on cleanliness & hygiene, what  will be the key impacts in the way a MUA operates and the process involved?
Post COVID19 the beauty industry will have to go through a complete overhaul. Sanitation practices are going to be of utmost importance.

You cannot be called a professional makeup artist unless you have your sanitation practices set up, which means no reusing mascara wands on multiple people, using lip gloss or lipsticks directly.

In face powder products like blush, eyeshadows and face powders will also have to be scrapped off and used from steel palettes which can be sanitized.

N95 masks and goggles will be needed as our client cannot wear any sort of protection and we will have to protect both our client and us.

We might end up looking like lab technicians, but our clients need to have the confidence.

What is the most important beauty advice that you can suggest for future brides in this scenario?
When looking for makeup artists please ask them about how they sanitize their products, that is as important as their artistry.

Also remember when shopping for makeup DO NOT try the testers on display, you never know who else has used them

How do you describe your signature look & style?
My signature look is more of a chic and effortless look. I like to enhance the skin, not cover it, and focus on the features.

The best compliment to get is you look beautiful not your makeup looks beautiful, and I always strive to achieve that.

Do you usually do a trial makeup session? 
I do usually like to do trial makeup sessions because its easier to understand the look the bride envisions and her expectations so there are no surprises on the wedding day.

This way the bride is relaxed and enjoys the process

Any other points that you wish to add?
Remember makeup looks good on great skin, the better the quality of your skin the less makeup you need.

That means having a daily regimen of skincare is extremely important and not be dependent on your facial expert to rectify all your skincare issues.

Also, I cannot stress more on the importance of removing your makeup (that includes Kajal) every single night before going to bed

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