Q and A with Anu Kaushik
Q and A with Anu Kaushik

Professional bridal, fashion, bollywood makeup artist, consultant, faculty at NIFT, Delhi.

Tell us about recent makeup trends you find interesting ?
I am really obsessed with the glass skin trend which has come from Korea.  To achieve this really good polishing and prepping is required and it doesn’t look like makeup but the final result is like no makeup look. I love it more as I am known for my minimalist take on makeup.

In a post Covid19 scenario, with more focus on cleanliness & hygiene, what  will be the key impacts in the way a MUA operates and the process involved?
As a makeup artist and educator I have always maintained  and trained my students and team proper hygiene and sanitization tools and products.  A good makeup kit must consist of IPA (99.9%) to clean brushes / tools and sanitize products after every use.  Also now post COVID I suggest use of beauty-blenders can be avoided and blending with brushes or disposable sponge is recommended. Actually I have always liked blending with hands (of course sanitized) and using less brushes. If not cleaned properly brushes and blenders carry maximum bacteria. And it really puts me off seeing some good artists using dirty brushes.

What is the most important beauty advice that you can suggest for future brides in this scenario?
I suggest all of them to utilise this lockdown period as a blessing in disguise. Take care of your body and skin hair.  Do some home remedies. Make sure you are doing some kind of workout and taking care of your skin care routine.  You are indoor away from sun and pollution. I promise eating healthy, staying positive and taking care of your body you will come out of this lockdown looking more radiant.

How do you describe your signature look & style?
As I am known as a minimalistic artist which means I give more attention on giving radiant skin. Good skin and just enhancing the best feature of the person I am working on can be eyes or lips or just flushed cheeks depending on the occasion and personality of my client. My all time mantra is Makeup that’s you only a little better

Do you usually do a trial makeup session?
Honestly speaking I don’t believe in makeup trials. When  a bride is trusting me on her most important day with complete outfit jewellery sitting on my chair as an artist what I will create that special day organically will not come on a trial. I definitely meet the bride, study her personality, her likes and dislikes, her preferences and take a note to keep myself prepared to create a perfect look on the D day. We do have look test for movies as we are working and creating a character there, which needs to be locked down for director and performing artist.

Any other points that you wish to add?
I am fortunate that as an artist I have not limited myself to only bridal or only fashion or Bollywood. I do movies, I have been doing editorials / fashion spreads/ cover pages. And been part of many Sabya band baaja bride tv shows / done tv series for beauty Chanels and also been teaching fashion makeup at NIFT, Delhi.

So my advice to all aspiring makeup artists out there that makeup is like any other art. Create with freedom. Do not have any boundaries and develop your own style do not copy.

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