Q and A with Cherag Bambboat
Q and A with Cherag Bambboat

Celebrity makeover artist with focus on the film industry with a long list of Bollywood and Hollywood clientele

Tell us about recent makeup trends you find interesting ?
I find interesting the fact of minimal makeup and thats trending now I love it absolutely love it where one product can give a glow and yet clarity to skin

In a post Covid19 scenario, with more focus on cleanliness & hygiene, what  will be the key impacts in the way a MUA operates and the process involved?
According to me there are some points which all MUA must follow. That is sanitation of table before placing brushes then disinfecting brushes which is very important and also not blowing on brushes which so many uneducated artists are not aware of the sad scenario.

Airbrush makeup should rule as you do not touch the face in this process of makeup which I started in 2009 use as many as disposable brushes like lip applicators mascara applicators.

What is the most important beauty advice that you can suggest for future brides in this scenario?
They have to ensure their artists wear masks. Equipment is sanitised. Gloves could be put on in application Bare minimal touching the skin and face by the artist.

Also they have to ensure both bride and artist body temperatures are normal with no cold cough symptoms.

How do you describe your signature look & style?
Its dewy skin with chiseled features and accentuating one focus feature eyes or lips.

Do you usually do a trial makeup session?
I dont unless under special request as I dont have the time with the academy and movie shoots that I do.

Any other points that you wish to add?
I would say its going to be a slow back to normal. This is the period people can invest in educating themselves to better hygiene standards and to better quality of application of makeup. The artists have time to upgrade till things are fully normal and they are flooded with clients.

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